What We Do

We deliver a community-engaged, high-quality mural research, design, and installation service.

In all our projects, talented youth learn transferable entrepreneurial skills on a paid job, and they collaborate with lead artists, community groups, and clients throughout the process.


Our Mission

We believe that public art is a powerful tool to positively transform individuals, places, communities, and institutions. Our mission is to create a more equitable and healthier New Orleans by bringing together young adults, artists, and other members of our communities to create a series of large-scale public artworks that explore stories of people and place, equity and justice, and cultural and historical heritage.

Through this process, young adults establish relationships with professional artists who serve as mentors, equip them with the knowledge and skills to express their creative capabilities, and provide a framework to develop their personal, social, and entrepreneurial skills. This results in New Orleans’ ability to cultivate the next generation of artists, entrepreneurs, and community leaders.

Through this work, we aim to position young adults and artists as assets in addressing the need for citywide beautification, create a platform where community voices are acknowledged and affirmed, and imagine a New Orleans where equity and justice are values that must be upheld for the city to progress.